Hi, I’m perla!

…a business consultant, empowerment coach, personal trainer, and podcast host. In case you can’t tell, I am a very outspoken human, direct, always trying to build connection, very proud of my own self-work and personal journey, and with an innate good vibe that led me to fly solo and start this chapter of my life as a freelancer.

My passion for mental health, wellbeing, sustainability, and mindfulness has taken me to set up my own podcast, and also pushed me to get the L3 Certificate in Personal Training & Group Instructor.

After several years working as a digital marketing strategist in the luxury travel and hospitality industries, I am now determined to channel my expertise, knowledge, and good vibes into helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs pave the way to a brighter future.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”

If I was to open up a bit more and talk about myself, I would say that I love the outdoors, human connection, and motivating people to get what they want and where they want in life. I’ve been travelling for a while now, after leaving a secure life in the United Kingdom back in 2019.

And ever since, I’ve crossed paths with countless human beings with different backgrounds that left an imprint in me. My perspective on how to live my life shifted from a 9-to-5 job to mindful ownership of the time I have left. Such was the inspiration received that it led me to pursue what I really want for me: less “executing“, and more “actively guiding and mentoring.”

Hosting A Podcast with Mental Health At Heart

Perla Meets The World

I’ve recently become a Podcast Host, and I am absolutely loving it. Travelling the world has allowed me to meet people from all backgrounds, with a different perspective on how to thrive in life, find contentment and fulfilment, and identify what really matters, all whilst keeping your sanity in place. These conversations, with mental health at their core, are a reminder that we are all the same, regardless of our nationality, culture, or language. We are all connected, and we are striving for the same things in the end. I hope it inspires you as much as it does to me.



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