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Did you know that one in twenty people will live up to 100 years? If you're one of the lucky ones, that leaves you with 4,200 weeks of life when you reach 18. My question is, what are you doing with the time you have left? This podcast is all about finding the answers to all the big questions and bringing some understanding to all things life, mental health, emotions, and spirituality. Welcome to Perla Meets The World.

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Welcome to Perla Meets The World

I said goodbye to my comfort zone in 2019, my loved ones, and I embarked on a solo adventure that led me to where I am now. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I am very clear about what I don't want. In my pursuit of freedom, I tried jobs I never thought I would do. I worked as a waiter. I worked as a housekeeper. And I had freedom. Different lifestyle, but not very sustainable long term. Not as well paid. Not as rewarding. Not as respectful and civilised.
That's where the digital nomadic life kicked in. We spend at least 2,000 weeks of our life working. My question for you. Have you found a way where the time transaction is worth it? If so, please share it with the world. Leave me a message on my Instagram account @perlameetstheworld, or send me an email at Let's share some light and hope. The world needs it.

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Learning To Dive in Nusa Penida: Open Water & Advanced OW Highlights

Hi guys, welcome back to Perla Meets The World. I just finished my Advanced Open Water course and before I forget all the theory and juicy stuff, I decided to dedicate one episode to talk about my experience as a recently certified diver, covering the following:  The difference between the Open Water Course & the Advanced Open Water Where I did the courses (Mambo Dive Resort –...

Questioning everything after a month in Bali

When was the last time you were challenged to the point of questioning all your beliefs? I feel like Jon Snow, not knowing anything anymore. It only took one month in Ubud to come to the realisation that I am fortunate to be alive, that the Balinese culture is pure kindness, and that we should all strive for happiness and what brings us joy. Because nothing really matters.  I share my...

Travelling Solo Again & Shitting My Pants

What a tit! Basically, I summarised my past few months in Airlie Beach, Queensland (my so-called home away from home) where a lot of things happened, if I am honest, including a police siege next to my house.   Once the updates are all out there, I open up about how I feel regarding travelling, after so long staying in Australia (pandemic, comfort, call it X) And it just so happens that the...

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