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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

When was the last time you felt so intimidated that fear paralised you?

I have just come back from Fly High Yoga, and I still cannot believe what just happened. Once more, my body has taught me the same old, fat lesson: we can, me and it, both, together.

A few days ago, a woman that I met literally a week ago, shared some wisdom with me: if you drop your fears, the truth is what remains, hidden. I verified it. I asked myself the following questions, to see where was I with the fear game:

  1. If I was not afraid of ending up alone, would I still hold on to my ex-partner?
  2. If I was not afraid of ending up with no money at all, would I still choose my job every day?
  3. If I was not afraid of rejection and failure, would I still bring up excuses not to do what my entire being is calling me to do?
  4. If I was not afraid of ending up with no friends and loved ones around, would I still “please people” whenever I can?

Bali is making me think a lot recently. A lot. Questioning all my values, the way I build relationships, the way I let love get me (or not), what I say, how I say it when I say it, and to whom.

I invite you all to start questioning your beliefs. Are these a social construct or are they the voice of your higher self? Are you aligned with what you do every day, or you’re just repeating the same pattern that was imposed on you by your parents?

What Bali Taught Me In A Month

I talk a bit more about my first impressions of Ubud on my latest podcast, now available on YouTube. Check it out.

Please, please… do not let your fears stop you from being who you are meant to be.

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