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The Power Of Manifestation

Manifestation and love attraction… we don’t learn that we are allowed to have desires. We don’t learn that they’re important. We don’t learn that they are worthy. We don’t even learn how to connect to them, do you know what I mean?

Especially if we’ve been through codependency or narcissistic abuse, for example, we learn to survive, but we don’t learn to live. And I’m so proud to say that this is what the future career that I’m currently building right now, is about: daring to live, daring to desire, daring to call about, and being about the life that you wanna see.

I have chatted about how much the act of manifestation can actually change your life, with my dear friend Poppy Popescu, as known as Where’s Poppy. Check out the podcast below.

When it comes to our desires, or listening to our needs, and doing something about it, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Because if it was we would have all done it by now. We are not machines. We can’t be these repetitive beings. We have emotions, we have feelings.

We go through things. Shifting into that energy where we choose ourselves and our desires above everything, definitely does take working through limiting beliefs.

I’m sure if you’re thinking about this idea of, OK I really want to communicate this to my boss or partner, where you need to choose yourself and your desires above everything, you’re probably having those limiting beliefs popping up that are almost like a barricade stopping you. 

Like, “shouldn’t do that” If you do that then this is gonna happen.” And of course, it’s just our ego trying to protect us, using our past as a blueprint for why we shouldn’t move forwards.

But here’s the thing: if we continue to be led by our limiting beliefs, if we continue to believe them, if we continue to go with what they say, we will always remain where we are. We are always gonna be in the same place.

This is where the inner work really happens. Aligning your core beliefs with your desires. Shadow work guys! That’s the work.

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