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The Dark Side Of Education

How much power do teachers have? Are we preparing leaders or sheep? How do kids learn nowadays? Does technology limit future generations, or prepare them for the world they’re going to inevitable face? How much has education changed and evolved over the last twenty years?

Hazel and I started off pretty chill, and then… the whole education topic unfolded.

We talked about her role as a secondary teacher in Ireland, the struggles students have nowadays and the role that schools play in society. Listen above or below, depending on the platform you want to choose today! And further down the page, you will find a quick excerpt from our conversation.

Prefer YouTube? No problem!

What would be the struggles you would have to face? (Regarding students)

I went to an all-girls school and the girls there are generally as teenagers bitchy behind their backs, about each other and about teachers. They are mean in that way. And I think it’s because girls are smarter in that way, they use their brains to tactically harm one another, whereas boys use their physicality to express themselves.

There are some benefits to be in a unisex school, for example, you’re not focusing on the boys so much, or you are not focusing on what you’re saying in class so that you don’t look stupid.

When they’re in secondary school, whenever I ask for essays or assignments, they just Google it, they copy it, they paste it. That’s no effort whatsoever. They don’t know how to be individuals, or independents, unless their parents are also involved in  actually educating them in terms of thinking creatively and imaginatively.

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