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The Truth About Multilingual People

How does our mindset affect our life? Is happiness something we already have or do we have to generate it? How does it feel to be Chilean in Australia? How do our languages define our personality or shape our identity? These, some seagulls doing yoga, and unexpected phone calls are what you can expect from this very first episode with Alejandro!

We chatted about the big questions in life, what it means to start over in a different country, speak a different language, and how that shapes who you are. That, some seagulls doing yoga, and unexpected phone calls are what you can expect from this very first episode with him. Plus, some live flirtation!

Below are some excerpts from our lovely chat. You can listen to the full conversation either above or below.

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Do our nationalities define who we are?

I think where you are born is important. I love where I am from, but that does not necessarily define who I am. It certainly does play a role on who you are and character and personality, I guess. But I think everybody should travel because you need to get out of that little box, or that piece of society you are used to.

Your nationality, where you are from, your neighbourhood, your parents, they don’t define who you are. You are constantly working on that, and you can just take a place and time, where you are in a certain way, but then the next day you could be different. Within one or two days you can’t see the difference. But within years you can see clearly a different person from the one that started travelling three years ago.

What happens when you travel?

When travelling, many things do not change, but a lot of misconceptions you had in your mind, or things that you thought were true, they no longer have that sacred weight in your life. You get more open-minded, and accept many different things that at one point you thought you could not do.

Your mind should be a nice place to be. And a place that’s constantly changing and evolving. And as soon as you embrace that, and train your mind, I think the better, you can get to know yourself better.

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